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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Car Won't Start

Problems with car starts are significantly annoying. The worst part is that there are hundreds of reasons why your car may not be starting. Below we've narrowed it down to the five most common causes. 


Low or Empty Gas Tank

If you're an individual who likes to drive until your gas gauge is sitting on empty, that might be the sole reason why your vehicle won't start. While it's inconvenient, low gas is not a difficult problem to fix. Next time, try not to let it happen, especially during the winter. When your car sits outdoors in freezing temperatures, the air in your gas tank could moisten and freeze.


Dead Battery

A dead battery is usually the culprit for not starting your car, and it's prevalent in the hot summer. Higher temperatures put a heavier strain on your battery so that you may be welcomed with a dead battery in the fall. You'll need to jump-start it for a temporary fix, but you'll probably need to get it to the repair shop sooner than later.


Defective Starter

The starter is a small device powered by a battery that gets the engine started. One of the signs of a busted starter is a loud clicking noise when you turn your key. Jump starting the car with cables can sometimes get your vehicle moving but not always. In that case, you'll need to have your starter repaired or replaced by a professional.


Clogged Fuel Filter

The fuel filter in your vehicle retains your lines clear, blocking dirt and other contaminants from getting in. When the filter becomes dirty, it can cause several problems, including a starting problem. You'll need to change the fuel filter to fix this. Please ensure you replace your gas filter about once every year or 12,000 miles. Or you can just remind your technician to do it every oil change.


Bad Ignition Switch

Sometimes the ignition switch, or where you start your car with a key, can malfunction. When you turn that key, the ignition switch sends an internal message to start the engine. If you have a faulty ignition switch, then the signal will not get registered. While you can replace your ignition switch by yourself, it is typically a very meticulous procedure that should be left for the pros.


If you are constantly experiencing car starting troubles, please do not hesitate to reach out to Woodie's Auto Service & Repair Centers.

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