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The Difference Between Transmission Repair, Replacement, and Rebuild

Cars require regular maintenance to perform at their best, including the transmission. At the first signs of transmission trouble, such as fluid leaks, warning lights, a burning smell, and other indications, take your car to an auto shop as soon as possible. The transmission is an essential part of your car that needs to be properly maintained. Here's what you need to know about the differences between transmission repair, replacement, and rebuilding.

Transmission Repair

A transmission repair is a cost-effective way to fix faults within a transmission. Transmission repair is ideal for minor fixes. This type of repair can include fixing specific components, in-car repairs, various adjustments, and resealing jobs. Transmission repairs do not require the transmission to be rebuilt completely. This type of repair is not an option for transmissions with extensive damages.

Transmission Replacement

Transmission replacement is costly but is an excellent option for transmissions that sustain extreme damage. During this replacement, the damaged transmission is removed and a new, rebuilt, or remanufactured transmission is set in its place.

Transmission Rebuild

A transmission rebuild is the best option for transmissions that have parts that can be salvaged. During the rebuild process, the transmission is detached and the faulty parts are replaced. The transmission is reassembled and reattached to the vehicle.

Finding the Right Mechanic

Unless you are a certified mechanic, transmission repair is not a DIY project, and it's best to leave this task to the professionals to avoid injuries. Addressing the issue yourself could result in more damage to the transmission, which means extensive and costly repairs. If your objective is to save money, take your car to an auto shop so a mechanic can correctly determine your transmission needs and make the necessary repairs. Schedule an appointment as soon as you notice issues with your car to ensure you can get your car serviced before it's too late.

Whether your car requires transmission repair, a new transmission, or a rebuilt transmission, we can help. Don't wait until the last minute to have your car serviced. Stop by our shop today and we'll be glad to take a look!

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