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I Am Driving Less, Do I Still Need My Oil Changed?

The gig economy and the effects of COVID 19 have pushed many people to work from home. This scenario means that many people are not driving as much as they did a while back. If you have been driving less lately and wondering if you need to change the oil often, our answer is YES! You need to change the oil. Learn why it is important and how often you should change the oil in the section below.

How Often Should Change Your Oil?

Most car owners use a mileage-based method to determine when to change the oil (about 5,000 miles). However, you can also apply a time-based oil change. Consider changing oil every six months or just twice a year. The reason is that engine oil degrades with time. Therefore, even if the car is not moving regularly, the oil becomes less effective.

Some newer models do not require oil changes like their older counterparts. The reason is that they use synthetic oil, which can last longer than its conventional alternative. If your car uses synthetic oil, consider checking it at least once monthly to determine its consistency and levels. Change the oil when there are visible changes in color and consistency.

Why Do You Change Oil Even When Driving Less?

As said earlier, engine oil degrades quite fast. In such instances, it does not protect the engine as it should. The result is premature wear of several engine parts, and this may cause permanent damage when you start driving again. Quality engine oil keeps all the parts lubricated, collects dirt, and prevents moisture from corroding the interior surfaces of the engine.

Cars that sit for long periods may accumulate engine moisture. Note that moisture builds up since the vehicles do not produce heat that may cause evaporation. Even as you change your oil, consider driving your car for at least 20 minutes a week to get rid of this moisture.

You do not need to change the type of oil you have been using now that you drive less. Stick to the recommended type. However, you may go for synthetic oil as it has better qualities and requires changing after a considerably longer period than its natural counterpart.

If you need an oil change, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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