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Common Vehicle Sounds That Indicate Trouble

Car noises can be both annoying and scary. Sometimes, the noise might emanate from specific parts, say the wheels or the engine. Other times, you can barely make us the source of the sounds. Whichever the case, most vehicle noises are indications that something is wrong. This could be a minor problem or a major problem impacting your vehicle's functionality. Either way, you should never ignore these noises. Your next action can make all the difference between simple maintenance and repairs and costly repairs and replacements. Here are some vehicle noises that indicate a problem:

Screeching Noises Emanating from the Hood

A squealing noise from under the hood might indicate a damaged serpentine belt. Generally, the best plays a crucial role in driving various external components, including the power steering pump, alternator, and water pump. In such a case, you should visit your technician for immediate replacement.

A Rattling Sound When Driving at Low Speed

Sometimes, you might hear a rattling noise when driving at low speeds, which disappears when you accelerate. In This case, you might be dealing with a misaligned or loosened lug nut. The best thing to do is check the loose or misaligned nut and tighten it. If you find none, drop by your auto repair shop for further inspection.

A Clicking Noise When Turning

You might hear low clocking noises when turning, which become louder with time. This might indicate failing constant velocity joints, which can be potentially dangerous. Therefore, you must contact your mechanic as soon as possible to prevent damaging the axle.

Brake Squeal

A squealing sound from the brakes is a red flag indicating worn-out brake pads. If you notice these noises, you must take your car to the mechanic and have the pads replaced. You should also get your disc inspected and turned if necessary.

A Knocking Sound from the Engine Compartment

A knocking sound from the engine usually indicates incomplete fuel combustion. When this happens, your vehicle's fuel efficiency and overall performance will be impacted. One of the common reasons for a knocking engine is the use of low-quality fuel, which translates to a low air-fuel mixture that causes knocking. We recommend that you get your vehicle checked immediately.
The above are some of the vehicle noises that indicate trouble. The worst thing you can do is ignore them. If you need a vehicle inspection, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Woodie's Auto Service & Repair Center today!

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