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Car Repair Tips for Charlotte NC Drivers

All car models have their own different aspects and specifications for performance and power. When Woodie's performs repairs for our customers in Charlotte, we know that the specially engineered engines require a certified professional to maintain your car performance.

Proper care of your car yields performance, elasticity and excellent acceleration. Our goal is to keep your auto on the road for many years of driving enjoyment in Charlotte. You love your car, and there's nothing like getting behind the wheel of it. Keeping that special feeling over time your car needs maintenance and repair to keep it running at peak performance, and the best place to take your car in Charlotte for all of its servicing needs is to Woodie's Auto Service® and Repair Centers.

Taking better care of your current car may make much more sense in the long run-helping you achieve a goal of financial freedom. It was once a huge red flag and meant the car was probably worn out, but thanks to improvements in car design and maintenance, the milestone of 100,000 miles now means something very different. Although some cars are ready for trade-in at that threshold, most others can travel over twice as far without major repairs. What allows one car to pass the 100,000-mile barrier with few repair bills, while another is ready for the junkyard? It's all about preventive medicine. The key to keeping your car running smoothly is probably tucked in your glove compartment. The owner's manual, most vehicles have a maintenance schedule in the manual that runs well over 100,000 miles. Some newer cars may have the maintenance schedule built into an internal computer.

Keeping your car young can also be associated by being less aggressive while driving. Aggresive driving can lower gas mileage by as much as 33 percent on the highway and 5 percent on city streets, which results in 10 to 66 cents per gallon. If you fill your tank up once a week, you might save an average of $500 per year.

Emergencies can happen - Even the most meticulously maintained vehicle can develop problems on the road, especially during inclement weather. That's when it pays to be prepared for an emergency. Pack items that would be needed if you were stranded for a several hours: A cell phone w/ a car charger, Ice scraper windshield de-icer, flashlight, whisk broom, properly inflated spare tire, blanket, extra clothes, candle/matches, bottled water, snacks and needed medication.

■ Use the correct oil (full synthetic and maintain proper intervals of oil change service to prevent sludge build up - Turbo engine models should be changed at 5,000 miles and non turbo at 7,500
■ Use the correct antifreeze and avoid mixing antifreeze which can cause gelling of coolant mixture and can clog heater cores
■ Regular inspections of cooling system for contamination and known components that leak
■ Inspection of front suspension at each service interval, front upper control arms bushings will crack and the center of the bushing will come apart and this will cause excessive tire wear

■ Inspection of engine mounts, leaking hydraulic fluid
■ Inspection of PCV system and vacuum lines to find deterioration of vacuum line and hoses due to excessive heat
■ Maintenance of air filter and cabin filters every 15,000 miles to prevent clogged air filters that will contaminate mass air flow sensors
■ Inspection of sun roof drains to remove clogs that can cause water to leak into the driver's side and can short out the central convenience module
■ Inspection of ignition coil harness at ignition coils for deterioration
■ Inspection of timing belt and water pump at 80,000 miles as recommended by manufacture because it is common for water pumps to start leaking at this mileage